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We went to meet with Vale Professionals in Coca Beach. We’ve spent over $1000 with two different listing companies – and we’ve had no luck trying to get rid of our timeshare. We were anxious to see what Vale Professionals had to offer. We met with a representative face to face (it was so nice to meet in person) and their offer ended up being exactly what our family needed.

- John & Angel Lowell, Coca Beach, FL

I must start out by saying that we loved our timeshare and we have great memories at our resort. When we got a card in the mail from Vale Professionals, my wife and I had been talking about selling our timeshare. We weren’t using it as much anymore and we were discouraged by the rising maintenance fees and the increasing difficulty in trading. Before meeting with Vale Professionals, we heard horror stories from our friends who had tried many times to sell and even donate their timeshare. We were concerned but after meeting with Vale Professionals our timeshare was no longer a burden.

- Rowen & Debra Jones, Seattle, WA

Vale Professionals was a life saver! At our age, we were concerned about our children inheriting our 3 timeshares. They are too busy to use them and we didn’t want to burden them with the fees. We've tried to sell a few times over the past several years but to no avail. Vale Professionals showed up at just the right time!!

- Robert & Jamie Johnson, Atlanta, GA

I’ve been extremely happy with Vale Professionals. I’m in the professional field myself and I purchased my timeshare on holiday. I have never used it since and it’s been a nuisance in my busy life. When I vacation – I jump online and plan a quick trip that includes, hotel, flights and rental car. I don’t need my timeshare. Thank you Vale Professionals for solving my timeshare problem!

- Kris Manson, New York, New York