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Who We Are

Vale Professionals specializes in providing a viable solution for timeshare owners that feel frustrated and financially trapped. We have helped many owners by providing freedom from their timeshare liability. Please understand that we are not a timeshare resale company or a listing company. By accepting our offer, you will be completely free of your timeshare ownership and your financial obligations that go with it!!! Your title transfer is facilitated by a professional closing company that specializes in timeshare transfers. If you are experiencing any or all of the following, then you will want to meet with our Timeshare Consultants!

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency

Vale Professionals has built a reputation on being honest and open about our business and has succeeded in developing a safe, secure and easy approach to relieve timeshare owners of their contractual burdens. No smoke and mirrors here. We take over your timeshare and relieve you of the burden without the hassle of selling, paying title fees, commissions, maintenance fees and special assessments. We take the risk so you don't have to.

Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is that we are not corporate. Vale Professionals was created by two individuals who believe that our obligations are to our clients and not to a corporate structure, policy or bottom line. That means that our clients are number one, not the profit margin. What we strive to be is exemplified in The Vale Vision below.

Vale Professionals, "Vale Eternum" (Latin), Farewell Forever

The Vale Vision

We are a Company of Integrity, Empathy, and Commitment. We strive to better ourselves in the pursuit of helping others. We care. Our standards are set at the highest level because we are driven to be the leaders in our industry. We take great pride in ourselves, our team, our work, and our accomplishments. We are Vale Professionals.

Vale's Locations

  • Palm Coast, FL (Corporate Offices / Fullfillment / Customer Service)

    1 Florida Park Dr. N.
    Suite 201-204
    Palm Coast, FL 32137

  • Brunswick, GA (Mailing Address)

    200 Daniel Ln.
    Brunswick, GA 31523