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Why is Vale Professionals taking over the timeshare acquisition market? Vale Professionals offers distressed timeshare owners a fast, safe and easy way exit their contractual obligations without the high-pressure sales pitch. Our network of affiliates will dispose of your timeshare once and for all. We are not a listing company and not real estate agents. We take over your timeshare fast along with all the burdens of ownership so you don’t have to worry about it.

Vale Professionals is dedicated to helping you get rid of that timeshare for good! With the prospect of rising timeshare maintenance fees, costs, fuel, transportation costs and a depressed economy, what will you do with your timeshare? Once you accept our help offer, you can be completely timeshare free and relieved of the financial burden.

Vale Professionals offers:

» A safe, fast and easy way to exit your timeshare contract obligation immediately
» Completely honest exit strategy for timeshare ownership
» No high-pressure representatives
» We have a large clearinghouse and a team of experts who will dispose of your timeshare with 100% guaranteed results

Why get taken by a broker or listing company when you can get rid of that timeshare FAST! At Vale Professionals, we are not brokers or real estate agents. If you have tried selling your timeshare yourself and found that you just can’t get rid of it, we have the solution for you. Vale Professionals acquires your timeshare and immediately takes responsibility for the fees, unexpected special assessments, property taxes along with the risk of owning and disposing of the timeshare. Oh, those closing costs are also on us so why not Contact Us right now.